Fernando Munilla


Fernando Munilla, President of Thunder Electrical Contractors Inc., oversees the company’s operations.  He began his career in construction spending his summers during his high school and college years working for his father’s construction company.  In 1995, Fernando began working at Thunder. Norka Munilla, his mother and Thunder’s founder, gave him no special treatment and had him work in the trenches, starting from the bottom to gain hands on experience.  He worked his way up and became the qualifier for the company as a licensed Master Electrician in 2001.  At that time he was the youngest individual in the State of Florida to hold the Unlimited Electrical Contractors License.  In 2002, Fernando became a shareholder of the company and assumed his role as President in 2012. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Fernando is an active member of various other professional organizations and was a prior board member of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association’s (IEC) local chapter.


Natacha Munilla

Vice President

Natacha Munilla, Vice President of Thunder Electrical Contractors Inc., joined the company in 2005 and oversees the company’s financial, business development and administrative functions.  Prior to joining Thunder, Natacha worked for a large global construction company.  Natacha has an MBA and has been working in the construction industry since 1993. Natacha was appointed in 2011 by Governor Scott to serve on the board of Florida Housing Finance Corporation and was named 2011 Women Extraordinaire by Business Leader magazine.  Natacha is also the driving force behind all of Thunder’s community involvement efforts.  She currently serves on the board of The Foundation for New Education Initiatives and Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services.  Additionally, she is a past Secretary for the Board of United Way of Miami Dade and past Chair of the Women’s Leadership Council.

Norka Munilla


Norka Munilla is the founder of Thunder Electrical Contractors Inc. Under Norka’s leadership, Thunder has grown into a reputable and highly sought after firm. It is through her values of “doing to others as you would like others to do unto you” that has earned the company a reputation of dependability. Norka’s career in the construction industry did not begin in the electrical field. From 1980 to 1993, Norka was instrumental in the management of several construction and development companies. It was her administrative abilities and financial savviness that helped her career prosper. In 1993 the opportunity arose to buy an electrical company. Over twenty years later, her success is obvious with over 100 employees and $20 million dollars in revenue. Norka has passed the legacy onto her children Fernando and Natacha but continues to serve as an advisor for Thunder.